Contingent Business Interruption

A loss due to an event that occurred on a supplier’s or customer’s premises may be considered a contingent business interruption. This would include dependent properties. Such cases are addressed with extra scrutiny to determine which elements of the loss are insured and uninsured.

Extra Expense

Additional costs, in excess of regular operating expenses that a business incurs to carry on operating while its assets are being replaced or repaired after having been damaged by a cause of loss may be considered an extra expense. It is intended to reduce the financial damage, loss of clientele or reduction of market share as a result of an insured loss.

Builders’ Risk and Soft Cost

Losses incurred during the course of construction may be covered by a policy that includes builders’ risk. Further expense incurred as a result of a delay caused by a loss is a soft cost that would not have otherwise been incurred. These two may go hand in hand regarding property reconstruction.

Property Damage

Physical damage to property, criminal activity or loss of use of property may be considered property damage.

Inventory – Property Insurance

From clothing warehouses in downtown Los Angeles to a lumber yard in Raleigh, North Carolina, if a loss has occurred it may be necessary to evaluate the value of inventory of items held for sale to the public that was compromised. We also have experience with pre-and post-loss inventory.

Business Personal Property

Equipment, supplies, inventory, etc. may be covered by business personal property coverage; such as a torn sieve at a construction aggregate in Coalwood, West Virginia to the fork lift short circuiting at a storage warehouse in Arizona. KA Forensic takes special care to determine the value of such items that have been affected by the event.

Fidelity/Employee Dishonesty

Employee dishonesty may cause financial damages to a company unbeknownst to the proprietor. Such as a theft in a casino in Las Vegas, Nevada or embezzlement at a restaurant in Monterey, California. By scrutinizing financial statements, comparing market values and evaluating historical records KA Forensic identifies the amount a fidelity bond is due to the insured.

Expert Witness Testimony

With every expert witness testimony KA Forensic provides credibility, experience, and above all, integrity.

Valuable Papers

If your business interruption was due to a fire in San Diego, California or a flood in Atlantic City, New Jersey and damaged or destroyed your valuable papers, KA Forensic will recreate and determine the monetary value of these valuable papers.

Liability Losses

In cases of liability losses KA Forensic addresses the issue from many angles considering monetary values for physical damages, extra expense, lost profits, recall and rehabilitation costs.

Construction Defect

When a loss occurs due to a deficiency in the design or construction of a structure a construction defect analysis is in order. Such a loss can result in physical damages, injuries, diminution in value, accrual of extra expenses during period of indemnity and a cease or contraction of business causing a loss of income.

Workers’ Compensation

Taking into account fluctuating work schedules and only work related injuries KA Forensic determines the appropriate amount due for claims regarding workers’ compensation.


KA Forensic has worked on all sides of subrogation cases to ensure valid support is provided to back up, or refute, the monetary claim made.


By bringing a strong professional reputation and veracity KA Forensic has been trusted to provide depositions for a wide range of accounts.

Questions for Opposing Counsel

From close examination of the financial side of a business KA Forensic is well equipped to provide prudent and pertinent questions for opposing counsel.

Expert Witness Testimony

With every expert witness testimony KA Forensic provides credibility, experience, and above all, integrity.

Expert Reports and Rebuttals

KA Forensic has addressed every expert report and rebuttal with thorough inquisitiveness while being concise and comprehensible.

Forensic Accounting & Business Values

Forensic accounting involves investigative work and auditing of accounting records to present a report apt for court. At KA Forensic each case is treated uniquely thereby producing the most comprehensive yet succinct and precise reports. In most instances, it is necessary to determine the business value to generate an accurate report. That uniqueness KA Forensic sees as inherent in all cases is what makes business values more accurate and well-rounded.

Loss Profits / Loss Earnings

KA Forensic’s analysis aims to determine the actual loss of immediate revenues and future profitability as well as the business’ capability to continue. Consideration is also taken to recognize circumstances where the business may have been able to abate losses.

Economic Analysis

KA Forensic verifies property insurance values before and after a loss while considering all aspects of the business.

Business Disputes and Valuations

When dealing with a business dispute KA Forensic considers components of the business that may have gone overlooked. To get a more accurate report KA Forensic may create a business valuation to support a business dispute.

Breach of Contract

KA Forensic is well equipped to evaluate all types of economic losses related to a breach of contract.

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